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Curling may only get national attention during the Olympics, but it is enjoyed worldwide at all times of the year. The great thing about curling is that everyone that loves the sport can play. Whether you are playing in competitive matches or a friendly league with friends, there are always opportunities to get better. These are the four best ways to improve your curling game.

Properly Line Up Shots

Curling is all about precision. Missing your shot by a few centimeters can be the difference in winning a point. Lining up the shot should be the last thing you do in your preshot routine. Line up your hack foot with the broom before starting to slide. You also need to make sure to clean the rock well before lining up your shot.

Ditch The Gloves

It is relatively common for curling players to wear gloves when on the ice. While the gloves will keep your hands warm, they prevent you from performing at your highest level. Bare hands let you feel exactly how the rock is reacting to the ice. It is also much easier to get a clean release when throwing a stone without gloves. If you cannot handle the cold, you can always put your gloves back on after making your shot.

Strengthen The Body

It is impossible to succeed as a curling player without good balance. Unfortunately, our balance naturally deteriorates as we get older. You can counteract this problem by strengthening your body. Strong muscles create a much sturdier base than weak ones. An easy way to get stronger without hitting the gym is by sitting in your curling slide position for an extended period of time. Gradually increase the time as you build up strength.

Spent Time Practicing

Like every other sport, the only way to improve your curling game is by getting a lot of practice. The Olympic curling players did not just wake up one day with excellent skills. They had to put in a lot of hard work to fine-tune their game. If you are serious about becoming a better curling player, you need to put in the work. Find ways to get on the ice as much as possible.