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To the uninitiated, golf seems like a complicated sport with complicated rules and way too much equipment, but don’t let your first impression scare you off! Golf is a friendly, inviting sport, and if you look for the right equipment, it could last you for plenty of years! 

Get the Right Clubs

Every golfer needs clubs. If you don’t have any stashed int he attic or garage, a new set could range from anywhere from $400 to $1200. This can be a hefty cost for some, which is why I recommend checking thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales for a bargain find. You don’t need brand new equipment to golf well and have fun. If you’d rather buy clubs individually, these are the basic kinds that a player needs to start:

  • Putter
  • Sand wedge
  • Driver

Keep in mind that some clubs were made specifically for beginners, and some will be easier to hit with than others. Usually, more forgiving clubs will have a sole that measures two fingers in width. Be sure to measure the clubs and get a feel for them before making any exchanges!

Find the Right Ball

It may seem inconsequential, but choosing the right golf ball is important for golfers. The best ball depends on the clubs you own and your style of play. Test out a few brands to get a feel for how they come off the putter. It’s a bit subjective, but once you’ve identified the brand you’re comfortable using, you should be able to grab a 12-back for under $30. Try to avoid sinking them in the penalty-zone water during your first outing!

Golf with a Friend

To learn how to play, players should hit the green with a friend who understands the rules. This way, prospective golfers can receive a practical demonstration for how to play, with a bit of competition for flavor. The first few swings may be shaky, but over time, anyone can get the hang of it. If the weather’s bad or your local golf greens are closed, golf-based video games can help you learn the basic mechanics.

Golf can be a great experience that people should take up as a way to relax and have fun with friends. Someone who wants to get serious about the game might look for a professional instructor who can teach them the ways of golf and how to get better at the sport.