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Snowmobiling for leisure can be great fun, but riders must know how to navigate the trails and be aware of weather conditions for a successful ride. OnX Offroad is an app created for hunters to map out the terrain and boundary lines. Now the app has expanded and can be used in Snow Mode. Snow mode has these helpful features: It shows snowmobile trails on public lands in 30 states, weather conditions in various locations, and the ability to see avalanche areas.
Mapping out your trip is one of the first steps. Users of the app will be pleased to find OnX Offroad has 140,000 miles of public snowmobile trails in 30 states. Snowmobilers can choose the area they want to ride, then plan their route from start to finish without wondering where trails are and how they connect. This makes navigating trails in unfamiliar areas much easier.
Weather conditions when you begin a ride may be very different from the trails during the ride. Therefore, it is important to get current weather updates. OnX Offroad keeps riders aware of changes in elevation, temperature, and snow accumulation. If there is cell phone service, riders can continue to receive weather updates. If cell phone service is gone, riders still have access to maps and GPS.
The app in Snow Mode can show avalanche areas to avoid. With avalanche warnings turned on, any terrain with a 30-degree angle or more will show up in one solid color. Another option is to have the app shade slopes of different angles in various colors to identify where it is the steepest. However, riders must always be prepared for emergencies, no matter how well they plan.
Upgrading to using Snow Mode in the app is simple. The newest version of OnX Offroad has a menu at the bottom with a purple button where users can click to get a $30 per year subscription. The app can be used with your mobile device or laptop, Android or Apple, and Garmin GPS devices. Snowmobile riders will have the ease of knowing exactly where they are going and how the weather conditions are in those specific places, making for an adventure they will want to repeat over and over again.