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Snowmobiling can easily be one of the most thrilling winter activities around. While it can be fun and exciting, if safety measures are not in place, it can quickly become a recipe for disaster. That is why precautions need to be set into place before heading out for that adrenaline rush. In order to stay safe while snowmobiling this winter, here are several tips to have a fun yet safe experience.


While each state varies on its different requirements, some states have regulations requiring a snowmobile certificate. It is highly encouraged that a safety course be completed for all new snowmobile drivers and riders alike. This course will help educate individuals on how to ride and properly operate the snowmobile safely.


Before ever setting off to go snowmobiling, it is absolutely necessary to check and monitor the area’s weather conditions. The weather plays a big role in helping to select what clothing should be worn out on the trails when snowmobiling. If there are blizzard conditions with a complete white out, or if the wind chill is far too low, then plans will have to be made for a better day to make the outing.


Wearing the appropriate clothing and gear to go out snowmobiling is critical. Having the proper clothing to stay warm while riding and driving is necessary. Snowmobiling suits are highly encouraged as they include a jacket and insulated bibs. Wearing layers underneath is the best way to dress, and cotton clothing is highly discouraged since it gets wet easily.


Never set off on the trails without first inspecting the snowmobile. Always remember to check the fuel and oil levels, battery, brakes, drive belt, skis, throttle, handlebars, headlights, and taillights. Have a first aid kit prepared and packed in case there may be an accident that happens on the trip. It is also encouraged to bring a buddy and never to venture off alone. There is always safety in numbers, and if exploring an unfamiliar trail, it should always be done with a buddy. Ensure that friends and family members have a copy of the route or trail that will be taken if an incident occurs.